Rhinoplasty in Pakistan/ Lahore

Rhinoplasty (Nose reshaping)in Pakistan/ Lahore

Nose is central feature of face. So its shape has significant cosmetic outcome. So demand for nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) in Pakistan is much more owing to increase incidence of trauma and road traffic accidents.Nose surgery or nose job may also be needed in some deformities of nose especially in cleft lip & palate patients.

We offer Rhinoplasty in Pakistan, Lahore at low cost. Surgery is performed by Doctor Saleem who is best nose surgeon.

What is the cost of Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery) in Pakistan, Lahore?

Rhinoplasty (nose job, nose reshaping) cost in Pakistan, Lahore ranges from 1 lac to 2 lacs pakistani rupees in renowned Plastic cosmetic surgery hospitals. Nose reshaping surgery cost varies according to nose shape & degree of deformity.

Medications, Anaesthesia, Hospital stay costs are usually separate. We offer discounted costs according to nose problems.

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What is Nose reshaping price around the world?

Rhinoplasty is considered an expensive procedure throughout the world. Where costs may range from 5000 USD to 30000 USD depending upon country, Experience of surgeon etc. According to real self statistics it is 5 to 50 times higher rhinoplasty costs in USA, UK or UAE.*

  • Realself shows rhinoplasty price range 389,413 PKR – 1,699,255 PKR in 2019 around rest of world.

Who are candidates of Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery can be considered in two problems

  1. Cosmetic issues like nose hump, tip deformity or deviation of nose
  2. Bulbous tip
  3. Wide , Fatty nose
  4. Functional problems like diffiulty in breathing especially in DNS (deviated nasal septum).
  5. Congenital issues like cleft lip, Palate with nose deformities.
  6. Nose trauma due to road traffic accidents
  7. Burns involving nose
  8. Nose reconstruction in cases of partial or totally amputated noses.

Are there any side effects of nose reshaping surgery?

Rhinoplasty is considered safe surgery in expert plastic surgeon hands. Going for cheaper options from quacks can lead to permanent nose deformity which may not be correctable. So You should choose carefully certified Plastic surgeon for this purpose.

In our centre Rhinoplasty surgery is performed by Doctor Saleem board certified Plastic & cosmetic surgeon. He has performed numerous successful nose surgeries.

Common Side effects of Rhinoplasty surgery include

  1. Postoperative nose swelling and edema which may last upto 1 year
  2. Bruising around nose
  3. Nasal Asymmetry
  4. Pain
  5. Numbness
  6. Bleeding
  7. Need for revision surgeries.

How rhinoplasty is performed?

Rhinoplasty surgery is generally performed in General anaesthesia. Surgery may take 2 to 3hours. Most surgeons use a small incision over base of nose to give adequate exposure to nose cartilages and bone. After exposure depending upon underlying problems.

Septoplasty may be performed to correct deviated nasal septum and give relive from difficulty in breathing

Tip correction is performed with sutures and cartilages. Tip is brought to desired position and shape. Some cases may need extra rib cartilage to augment nose especially in revision surgeries.

After surgery nose is packed and splint is applied. Antibiotics and pain killers are advised for few days. Follow up is required at one week.

How much time it takes to recover from Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty recovery can occur from one to two weeks depending upon extent of correction performed. During nose swelling and bruising may be observed. Final nose shape may take 6 months to one year.

Before & After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery before & after pictures by doctor Saleem Plastic surgeon.

Rhinoplasty in Pakistan
Rhinoplasty cost in Pakistan
Nose reshaping surgery in Lahore
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Rhinoplasty Surgery video

Non surgical rhinoplasty with fillers in Pakistan, Lahore by doctor Saleem video.

What are the precautions after surgery?

Generally restrictions are observed in type of food, activities performed and drugs intake.

  1. Foods to be avoided
    1. Spicy foods – too much spicy foods lead to stinging sensation early on.
    2. Foods – Difficult to chew like apple
  2. Restriction of activities
    1. initial 3 weeks restrict activities like sternous excercises to avoid swelling of nose
    2. Wearing glasses -Glasses especially heavy one to avoided 4 to 6 weeks after surgery
  3. Drugs
    1. Smoking to be avoided 3 weeks prior and 4 weeks after surgery for smooth healing
    2. Marijuana or Nicotine to be avoided for good healing after nose surgery.

What is best age for Rhinoplasty?

Nose is important component of Face growth. Usually nose growth reaches its optimum shape at 18 years. So It is generally advisable to perform rhinoplasty/ septoplasty surgery after 18 years of age.

What is the difference between septoplasty and Rhinoplasty?

Septoplasty is generally performed to correct septum only. While rhinoplasty include correction of all aspects of nose including septum.

When Rhinoplasty can be done after nose injury

Nose reshaping surgery can be performed within one to 3 weeks after obvious trauma or deviation. After 3 weeks rhinoplasty is generally deferred till swelling, edema and nose bone fractures heal. So the best time of nose job after trauma or accident is one year. when wounds have healed, edema settled.

Can Wide or fatty nose be made slim?

Yes. Fatty nose or wide nose can be made slim in nose job surgery. It requires nasal bone osteotomies and fat removal from tip.

Appointment booking for Rhinoplasty (nose Job).

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