Plastic Surgery in Pakistan

Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgery in Pakistan, Lahore

Plastic surgery in Pakistan, Lahore is currently on the high, owing to increase in excess to internet, fashion. Trends are ever increasing currently to maintain personality. Everyone want to look good to keep pace with world.

Our hospital currently offers best plastic and cosmetic surgery services in Pakistan for past 10 years. All range of cosmetic & reconstructive surgeries are performed at affordable cost. we have hundreds of satisfied customers.

Doctor Saleem Consultant board certified Plastic surgeon performs all the procedures. He has established his name to be recognized as best plastic, Cosmetic surgeon in Pakistan.

Plastic surgery in Pakistan

Plastic surgery packages/ cost

We offer affordable plastic surgery packages in lahore, Pakistan. Numerous patients have benefitted from discounted rates of cosmetic & reconstructive surgeries from Pakistan as well as rest of world.

Numerous overseas patients visit us for plastic surgeries. We facilitate the free online consultation process for overseas and residents of Pakistan. Online cosultation is managed on whatsapp +923214271930. And all details, recovery process, and prices of procedure are fixed.

Cosmetic Surgeon in Pakistan

Body Contouring Surgery

Body contouring surgery is most important aspect of plastic surgery. Doctor Saleem is one of best surgeons for body contouring surgery like liposuction, tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift.

Liposuction is most common surgery performed at our centre. Best and natural results have been obtained from chest, tummy & double chin liposuction.

Double chin liposuction
Double chin treatment before & after
Tummy Liposuction surgery in Pakistan
Tummy liposuction surgery before and after

Tummy tuck, Mommy makeover

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery is combination of liposuction, belly muscle tightening and excess skin removal. While mommy maker includes abdominoplasty, liposuction & breast lift. Brazilian butt lift is ultimate procedure to get desired buttock shape with waist enhancement.

Tummy tuck surgery before & after
Tummy tuck/ Abdominoplasty surgery by doctor Saleem

Face plastic surgery

Face is unique feature of someone personality. And people don,t want to look too old for their age.

We offer multiple cosmetic surgery for face to gain youthful appearance.

Face surgery in lahore


Facelift is ultimate surgery to change into youthful appearance and get rid of saggy loose skin & jowls.

Facelift treatment
Facelift before & after (full facelift, Neck lift)


Nose reshaping or nose job is most seeked treatment option. Surgical as well as non surgical rhinoplasty are performed by doctor Saleem.

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery)
Rhinoplatsy surgery before, after
Nose reshaping treatment
Non surgical Rhinoplasty

Otoplasty ( Ear reshaping)

Many children are born with abnormal position and conditions of ear like bat or protruded or large ears. Some are born without ear called microtia. We offer cosmetic surgery services to correct these.

Otoplasty for bat ears
Otoplasty surgery

Other face treatments

Face surgeries like lip reduction, brow lift, blepharoplasty, buccal fat pad removal, fat grafting face also offered.

Reconstructive surgeries of face like cleft lip, palate also offered. Scar treatment including acne scar management is done.

Breast reshaping

Breast augmentation, lift, reduction, reconstruction surgery is offered. Additional gynecomastia surgery also performed. Breast augmentation with implants as well as fat transfer are performed.

Breast augmentation with implants
Breast augmentation with implants

Gynecomastia surgery

Doctor Saleem is an expert in gynecomastia surgery as he has performed more than 300 such surgeries with excellent results. Both liposuction and gland removal are performed to achieve flat chest appearance. More about gynecomastia or male chest reduction or man boobs.

Gynecomastia surgery in pakistan
Gynecomastia surgery before & after
Man boobs removal
Man boobs or male chest reduction

Non Surgical Treatments

Multiple non surgical treatments are offered like dermal fillers, dermabrasion, laser, micro needling.

Dermal fillers used for lip augmentation. other include correction of nasolabial fold, chin, cheek augmentation, Dark circles.

Lip Augmentation with fillers
Lip fillers for enhancement
Dark circles treatment
Dark Circles treatment

Hair loss treatments

We offer FUE hair transplant latest techniques. Supplements, medications and shampoos are also used for hair loss management.

PRP therapy for hair loss
PRP therapy for hair loss

Hair transplant surgery is performed under supervision of plastic surgeon. Keeping in mind safety and best results for patient. All relevant precaution, blood tests and sterilization is maintained to avoid infection. Both FUT and FUE hair transplant are done.

Beard hair transplant before & after
Beard hair transplant before and after
FUE hair transplant
FUE hair transplant

Before & After results and Surgery Videos

You can see all plastic surgery procedure results of doctor saleem on his you tube channel. Click to see our youtube channel.

Few of our channel videos about liposuction, Gynecomastia and rhinoplasty.

Liposuction results videos
Gynecomastia treatment by doctor Saleem
Rhinoplasty surgery

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